Powerful parents cultivate lifelong learners in every neighborhood.


Currently, 38% of children entering kindergarten in Boston are unprepared.


We can no longer wait for children to begin learning until they enter formal schooling. We must start at the beginning, equipping parents and caregivers with the tools and support system necessary to prepare their children.

The First Teacher movement is founded on the idea that parents and caregivers in every neighborhood are a child's first and most important brain builder, teacher, fiercest advocates and greatest stakeholders.  Together, we cultivate our children's innate ability and desire to be life longer learners.

First Teacher is a game-changer on three levels:

1. Our youngest citizens from out most oppressed, dismissed communities will be prepared for school because parents/caregivers are supported to teach and learn together.  We simultaneously ...

2. Shift people's mindsets from social-service model to a social-capital model, while offering ... 

3. An effective and sustainable solution to a problems that circumvents the major/resource constraints facing early childhood education field.  We are tapping the most value and untapped stakeholders, parents/caregiver!