Join our weekly drop-in play group (not drop off!) every Friday 11am-1pm. Get out of the house and help your children with their friend-making skills!  

Parents Speak!

When we are together, we share powerful parenting moments and always looking for ways to acknowledge each other.

If you missed our Winteractive fun fair, then you missed a great time of indoor play!  When is the last time somebody observed you with your child and told you that you were doing a great job?  That probably does not happen often enough.  At First Teacher, we are always looking for ways to give each other positive feedback in the moment.  Here are some examples from our Winteractive Fun Fair:

  • Jorge helping Jael through the obstacle course! Demonstrating a lot of patience!

  • Shammah and Alexa each on one side of the tunnel to get Azariah to go through- building his confidence.

  • Kim supported Kendric as he sorted bean bags.

  • Alecia is always down on the ground with  her kids- so engaged, building a pyramid with cups!

  • Nana Traci asked Aliyah so many engaging questions.

  • Children love jumping rope as well as adults.