Join our weekly drop-in play group (not drop off!) every Friday 11am-1pm. Get out of the house and help your children with their friend-making skills!  

Parents Speak!

When we are together, we share powerful parenting moments and always looking for ways to acknowledge each other.


Parent Responses during the READ Workshops :

WHY do you read to your child?

"To connect with my child."          "To help them ENJOY reading."        "To help them use their imagination."

"To expand their mind. I want my child to love reading as much as I do."       

"Because it's fun to use different voices while we read." 

WHAT do you read to your child?

Street Signs; Back of the cereal box; Train stops; Signs in the community; Princess books; 

Brown Bear, Brown Bear (over and over again!); The Bible, Anything they want me to read!