First Teacher was built and is currently led by a diverse group of parent/caregivers who also participate in the movement. 

Nikole Huertas, Founding Parent Leader, Dorchester, MA

"I was a kid that was left behind. I joined First Teacher because I refuse to allow any of my children to be left behind."

Kim Nicoll, Founding Parent Leader, Jamaica Plain, MA

"I joined First Teacher because I want to be the best parent I can and I want to get there by working with other parents who are interested in figuring it out together."

Maritza Ortiz, Founding Parent Leader, Boston, MA

"I joined First Teacher because the concept aligned with my belief that parents are their child's first teacher. It is a belief that I have held for many years and take very seriously as a parent."

Shantae Toole, Founding Parent Leader and Co-Director, Dorchester, MA

"I joined First Teacher because this is a community where I can be honest about the difficulty of parenting without being judged."

Dinah Shepherd, Founder and Co-Director, Jamaica Plain, MA

"I believe that parents are the most powerful people in their child's life."

Bernise Hall, Parent Leader (August 2015), Roxbury, MA

"I went to a First Teacher event for the first time in September of 2014 and I thought - this group of parents are awesome at what they do. They were working together to share with parents tools that will help prepare our children for school. I kept coming back and I gained so much from First Teacher. Now I am happy to be a part of the team. Now it's my turn to give back."

Karla Guerrero, Parent Leader (August 2015)& Community Connections Coordinator, Hyde Park, MA

"I joined First Teacher because I want to give my kids the best tools for learning."

Latoya Johnson, Parent Leader (August 2015), Roxbury, MA

"I joined First Teacher so that I could find out if there are more strategies on how to improve my parenting - and there are!"