First Teacher has three goals:

1. Build a safe community that is free of judgement.  Parents and caregivers need to feel connected with others who understand that parenting is difficult for everyone regardless of race, culture, or socioeconomic status. 

2. Increase parent & caregiver confidence and competence in our ability to be our child’s first and most important brain builder and teacher.

3. Prepare our children to be ready for kindergarten and ultimately the world.

They MUST happen in this order.


First Teacher uses a collaborative model, placing parents/caregivers along with their expertise and experience at the center of what we do. Parents/caregivers work together to identify authentic, organic ways to engage with their children and build their brains.

We host monthly workshops, developed and facilitated by parent leaders in the community, which focus on strategies that build language, literacy and executive function skills.

Our monthly playdates focus on real-time building of social emotional skills and relationship.

We also host two community-building fun fairs to build, strengthen, and sustain our community of powerful parents.

First Teacher children enter kindergarten prepared because their parents/caregivers:

  • Are engaged in a supportive community built on relationships and trust that places parents and their power at the center of all we do

  • Have an improved competence and confidence in their role as their children’s first teachers

  • Understand and capitalize on the everyday interactions that build their children’s brains

  • Increase their time spent thoughtfully reading and talking with their children