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Have you missed a workshop?

If so, First Teacher understands! Life has a way of getting in the way of a parent's plan.  During our workshops, parents/caregivers share great ideas on how to easily fit school readiness activities into our already busy lives.    At First Teacher, we are always looking for ways to share our knowledge with each other in the moment.  Here are some examples from our workshops thus far:

October 2017: SELF-CARE SHOP        What does Self-Care mean to you?   How do you practice self-care?  

"I learned that it's Ok to be emotional around my children." ~Parent Participant from the Jeremiah Program

"I do yoga or meditation about three times per week and it feels so good!" ~FT Parent Participant

November 2017: READ SHOP            Struggling to find a way to thoughtfully complete your child's favorite book that also happens to be REALLY long?   Simone Esteves shared her brilliant idea with parents during our READ SHOP: "I create chapters so that I have a stopping point that feels comfortable for me and my child.  I found that creating chapters also creates suspense.  My child looks forward to reading the book the next day."

December 2017: EXPLORE SHOP       Why is exploring important for our children?

"Exploring is a good way to teach independence" ~FT Parent Participant 

"Exploring builds vocabulary and uses our 5 senses can teach us a lot." ~Alexa Saint-Fort Canton, FT Parent Participant 

January 2018: SLEEP SHOP              What does your child say or do to avoid going to bed at night? How do you deal with that?

"My child asks me to read the longest book in the house and it's hard to say no." FT Parent

"I am so glad to know that I am not the only parent who struggles with a bedtime routine." FT Parent

February 2018: COUNT SHOP         What could you do to get your child excited about math?

“I now know that it's important to use simple mathematical vocabulary and mathematical concepts in daily activities.” ~FT Parent

March 2018: TECH SHOP                 Is technology good or bad?

“I learned that tech time with an adult can be similar to reading a book, it keeps human connections in the activity which a benefit.” FT Paren

"We are getting so many mixed messages about technology.  I hear that technology is bad, and then I hear that it's good.  I think in the end like everything else, we need to use technology in moderation."        ~Alfred, Haynes EEC Parent