First Teacher is a community of parents and caregivers working together to prepare all our children for success in kindergarten and beyond.


We believe we are our child's first teacher.  

Despite the number of interventions and social services dedicated to ensuring all children are prepared for school, too many young children in our country enter kindergarten unprepared.  While this is a national issue, we feel it is best tackled locally. Starting with supporting parents in neighborhoods attempting to thrive under the insidious footprint of racism. Currently, parents of color are not treated as assists and key components to the school-readiness problem facing our youngest students.

The First Teacher movement seeks to aggressively dispel the myth that Black and Brown children need to be saved by others.  Rather, parents of color in cash-poor neighborhoods need the same support and benefits afforded to our more affluent white peers in order to prepare our children to be school and world ready.

Started in 2014, First Teacher works with families with at least one child under the age of 6 who live in various Boston neighborhoods, primarily Roxbury and Dorchester. The majority of our participants are parents and caregivers, ages 18-55, with children between 2 weeks and 5 years old.

First Teacher encourages parents/caregivers to recognize our role as our child’s first and most important brain builder and teacher. We help to create a community where parents learn, teach and connect with each other to help our children become not only school ready, but world ready.

We are parents and guardians who:

  • Take time to invest in the future: our child’s, our own, and our community’s

  • Empower each other and recognize our own power

  • Accept that we are our children’s guides to the world

  • Commit to lighting up our children’s brains

  • Have the courage to ask for help