Community support of First Teacher is vital to the success of our work. Your contribution will help support parents as they build their child's brain and prepare them for kindergarten and beyond.

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First Teacher is grateful to all of the individual donors, foundations and in-kind donors who make it possible for us to exist. Click below to see a full list of our donors.

Individual donors

Jesse and Amy Abair
Annie Adams and Daniel Chiasson
Beth and James Agostino
Debra and A. William Alesbury
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous, In Honor of Margaret Pott
Annie Adams
Beth and James Agostinos
Debra and A William Alesbury
Jason and Kate Armstrong
Carl and Diane Aronson
Elizabeth Ascoli
Norman Atkins, In Honor of His Mother: Patricia Atkins
Eric and Gina-Marie Auger
Will and Janelle Austin
Carrie Baldwin
Carrie Baldwin and Geoff O'Connor, In Honor of Their Mothers: Jean Baldwin and Janet O'Connor
David Barish, In honor of April Farber
Antje Barreveld
Elizabeth and Andrew Beal
Titciana Barros
Marie Beam, Through Kyra Wilson-Cook
Jackie Bell and Aron Epstein
Dave and Lynn Berkley
Deborah Bing and Jonathan Hurwitz
Zaynab Yvette Blinker Jason and Kara Block
Marielle Bohan-Baker and Brad Baker
Jessica Brooks and Russ Neufeld
Christopher Brown and Kathleen Ward Brown
Kymberly Byrd
Dana and Stuart Chaffee
Anne Cody
Amanda and Gareth Cook, In honor of Jan and Chuck Bichsel
Hugh Curran
Nina and Stephen DelCollo
Ben and Sara Diamond
Jackie and Mitch Diamond
Donna Difillippo
Tom Dolan and Carmen Ortiz
Ben Duda and Hudson Ragan
Monica "Mon-Mon" Duplessie
Kimberly Ednie and Karim Afzal
David Elliot
Dottie Engler
Esta and Bob Epstein, In Memory of Michael Stedman
Simone and Eric Esteves
Julie Evans
eWise Concepts, Inc.
Alissa Farber and Dan Restuccia Alissa Farber and Dan Restuccia, In Loving Memory of April Farber
Danielle and Dani Farber, In Memory of April Farber
David Farber, In memory of April Farber
Neal and Varda Farber, In loving memory of April Farber
Emily Feinberg and Robert Restuccia, In honor of April Farber
Joanne Feinberg, In memory of April Farber
William Fidurko, Jr. and Andrea Cox Fidurko
John Fieldsteel, In Honor of His Daughters
Liz Fieldsteel
Liz Fieldsteel, In Honor of Her Father, John Fieldsteel Felice Friedmann Paul Friedmann and Allison Jacobs Friedmann
Steven Fish Erin Fisman, In Honor of Corrina Wise's Birthday Karen Frank In Honor of Shelby Semmes and Grady O’Shaughnessy
Wayne Forrect and Jean Seibel, In Memory of April Farber
Lawrence and Nicole Gage
Amanda and Ed Gardner
Vivian Garner
Warren Garris, In Honor of Clayton Perry
Nathan and Patricia Garland In Honor of Shelby Semmes and Grady O’Shaughnessy
Paula Georges
Laura T Godine
Dagny Goldberg and Josh Baker
Peter Goldberg and Susan Cohen
Douglas and Cecilia Gordon
Alfred and Sarah Gracombe
Ellie and Bill Greenblatt, In Honor of Toby Hobish’s 90th Birthday
Peggy and Arthur Grodd Abraham Lateiner
Max Gruner and Amy Loyd
Kevin Guarnotta and Laura Cuozzo Guarnotta
Jamie Gumpper
Samuel Guagliano and Lisa Craig Guagliano
Andrew Han and Karen Eckstein Han
Morgan Hanger and Alex Grodd
Carol Harris
Frances Harris, In Memory of Robert M. Sontheimer
Tara Hayward and Steven Bandler
Greg Henning
Mitchell Hobish and Janice Zaron-Hobish
Toby Hobish, In honor of Dinah Shepherd
Alex and Abbe Hocherman
Steven and Michelle Hoffman
Katie Jacobs
Andrew and Melanie Jarboe
Sarah Jennings, In honor of Kyra Cook: an amazing mother, teacher and spiritual guide to my daughter
Jennifer Katz Alexandra Kendall and Caleb Linville In Honor of Shelby Semmes and Grady O’Shaughnessy
Argiropoulos Kostas
Erik Kim and Jordan Goldberg
Lauren Klein, In Honor of Toby Hobish’s 90th Birthday
Jean Krasnow
Crystalle Lacoutre and Scott Stedman
Deborah Lamm and Jon Wolman, In Memory of April Farber
Christine Landry
Abe Lateiner
Doug Lemov
Sting Leschly and Sherry Riva, In Honor of Jennifer Spencer
Eric Leslie
Eric Lev
Danielle Levac
Rush and Trish Lincoln
Anne Lyneis
Kate Malin Lisa Malley
Carole Martin
Tom McLaughlin
Abigail Melamed
Marilyn Morrissey
Scott McCue and Kate Murray
James and Katherine McGaugh
Chip McGee and Mary Merkel, In Memory of Ruth Bonini and Elmore Silverstein
Richard McQuaid and Janice Lloyd McQuaid
Sarah Mielbye
Jim and Krisann Miller Charitable Fund
Tricia and Scott Morrow
Alan and Cecily Morse
Lauren Morse
Mountain School Garden Hill Fund
Craig Melzer and Sarah Poulter
Julie Pearlman Meyers
Julie Pearlman Meyers, In Honor of Her Parents, Philip and Honey Pearlman
Alan Morse
Barbara Neufeld
Kim Nicoll and Dan Bergstresser
Susanne C. Olin, In Honor of Toby Hobish’s 90th Birthday
Maritza Ortiz
Anne and Mark Parrish
Richard and Kelly Partridge
Anita Pearlman
Nem Perez
Khary Polk
Lee Polonsky
James and Elizabeth Pratt
Beth Putnam
Sam Pierce and Ellen Shattuck Pierce
Jim and Noel Quivey
Moragh Ramage, In Honor of Kyra, Gene, Alex and Theo
Mark Ribble and Catherine Bell, For the April Farber Memorial Library
Scott Ribich
Elisabeth Reynolds
Bridget Rodriguez
Juan and Elizabeth Rodriguez
Mara Rodriguez
Teresa Rodriguez
Alexis Rosenblatt
Lisa and David Rosenthal
Jane Roth, In honor of April Farber: My dear friend and exceptional person who made the world a better place Alex Smauels
Dick and Deb Samuels
Flavia and Fernando Santos
Kim and Joao Santos
Jill Seaman and Beth Chandler
Arthur Segel and Patti Saris
Celia and Kate Segel
Jennifer Segel
Marisa Segel and Matt Thayler
Cassie Seiple and David Lessinger
Liz Serrate
Deborah Shapiro Katz
Deborah Shepherd and Henry Wyatt
Jennifer Shepherd and Stevan Lock
Jonathan and Becky Shepherd
Matt Shuman
Owen Shuman, In honor of all moms/dads/caregivers/grandparents
John Simeone
Andrew Sketch and Rachal Aronson
Sharon Snaggs Gendron Andy Sokatch and Rachel Aronson
Jesse and Folashade Solomon
Carrie Sparkes
Jennifer and Dewey Spencer
Barbara Stedman
David Stolow
Tim Suba
Eric Svenson
Jessica Taubner
Ruth Tamkin and Andrea Tamkin
John and Mary Tarvin
Joan Tesser
Amit Thaper
Jim and Helga Thompson
Nick Thompson and Dinah Shepherd, In Honor of Our Parents: Jim and Helga Thompson, Deborah Shepherd and In Memory of Bill Shepherd
Jessica Thorn
Jamie "Maw" Thornton
Kenneth Thress and Meghan Riley Thress
Anne Thrush Newman In Memory of Michael Stedman
Shantae and Zechariah Toole
Noel Torres
Colin Turner In Memory of D’Andre King-Settles
Chelsea Ulrich
Jai Underhill
Aisha Wallace
Dennis and Kathleen Walsh
Ben Wells and Jami Therrien Wells
Richard and Nora Wells
Caleb Williams and Cheryl Etu
Josette Williams
Morgan Williams and Laila Hlass
Althea White
Carla Wilson
Loren Winters
Jason and Erin Wise
Jennifer Wood
Mindy and Kayron Wright
Henry Wyatt


Avison Fund
Barr Foundation
Boston Promise Initiative
Cabot Family Foundation
Clipper Ship Foundation
Cosette Charitable Fund
Fowey Light Fund
Florian O. Bartlett Trust
Hazeldean Foundation
Lynch Foundation
The Philanthropic Initiative (Boston Cradle to Career Initiative)
Putnam Foundation
Michael and Helen Shaffer Foundation, In Honor of Jenna and Kevin Leary

In-kind donors

Whole Foods
Trader Joes
Ula Cafe
JP Licks
Roche Brothers
Cheesecake Factory
Cesaria's Restaurant
Backwoods Pizza
Anna's Taqueria
Dan and Kelly Rosenfeld
Stop and Shop

Porter Square Books
Brookline Booksmith
First Book

Magic Beans
Henry Bear's Park

The Museum of Science
Boston Public Library
The Boston Children's Museum
Boston Public Health Commission
Countdown to Kindergarten
Borealis Yoga
The Consolidated Lodge, Boston
Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative: Community PlanIt Game

Office Furniture and Supplies
Anonymous, in Honor of Betsy Henning
Jenna Leary
Ansley Masters
Sarah Mielbye
Martha Pott
Fernando and Flavia Santos
Amanda and Gareth Cook
Dick and Deb Samuels
Marisa Segel and Matt Thaler
Tesean and Shantae Toole
Noel Torres

Hosted a Fundraiser at their home
Alissa Farber and Dan Restuccia
Laura and Kevin Guarnotta
Crystal Lacouture and Scott Stedman
Marisa Segel and Matt Thaler
Andy Sokatch and Rachal Aronson
Ben Wells and Jami Therrien Wells

Physical Space
Dudley Street Neighborhood Charter School
Vine Street Community Center
BPE (formerly known as Boston Plan for Excellence)
Boston Public Library: Dudley Branch, Grove Hall Branch
DSNI (Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative)
St. Patrick's Church
Franklin Park Coalition

First Teacher partners with many organizations in the community with missions similar to ours.